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Global Crisis Consultants, LLC - Private Investigation Agency Marblehead, MA

Business Security Consultants in Marblehead, MA

At GCC, we have an experienced team of private investigators and business security consultants in Marblehead, MA, who are prepared to offer your company a wide range of security and investigation services. Read all about our team members below.

David Martin — CEO & Chief Investigator

David is a former officer in the security services. He has a Master's degree in information security and assurance; a BA in civil engineering; and a BA in security management. David has previously worked as a private investigator in Florida and is currently a fully licensed private investigator in Massachusetts. David has conducted training seminars around the world concerning physical and cybersecurity, including being invited to lecture on cybersecurity operations at several EU expert member state meetings due to his unique experience and skill set.

In 1991, David formed his first private investigation agency in Miami, Florida. The agency concerned itself primarily with executive protection and worked with the Justice Department and other federal agencies, tackling fraud, kidnap, and cellular cloning investigations. The agency also worked with prominent Miami law firms, which led to the formation of ProTekta Worldwide Security Services. ProTekta operated across the Americas from 1996 to 2002, employing more than 5,000 staff, and protecting assets in excess of 3 billion USD.

The combination of physical and network security that was developed at ProTekta was the first security monitoring platform that was rolled out to protect the physical assets of major Telecom providers in both urban and remote locations. The transition into cybersecurity and the development of the integrated relationship between physical and cybersecurity as well as investigations began in 1997—when David formed Global CC after the sale of ProTekta. Global CC has since continued to provide services for a select group of clients to the present day.

David has become a leader in security operations management at the top level by applying a proven holistic approach to security concepts regarding business and governmental environments. His responsibilities include positions as Chief Security Officer responsible for IT infrastructure, IT security, physical security, safety, environmental policy, quality, and cost analysis, reliability, engineering, purchasing materials, planning, and inventory management of secured networks. David's experience in preventive technical procedures and public safety schemes—including Crisis and Continuity planning in multiple industries—across private, public, and government sectors has received acclamation.

David is a multilingual professional with extensive experience in service delivery and a track record of success focusing on vision and strategy which is based on 30 years of experience in the field. He is a professional with excellent working knowledge of risk management and complex investigations. His repertoire of skills include, but are not limited to, techniques for the assurance of a full security life cycle in various financial and cultural environments tempered in practical experiences in USA, Peru, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belgium, UK, Slovakia, Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic, and Lebanon, among others.

Pavol Draxler — CISO

Pavol is the Co-founder of Binary Confidence, our technology partner and home of our Security Operations Center/Cyber Defense Center.

Pavol has a BA in political science, international law, and a master's degree in European and International relations. Pavol has given numerous lectures for QBIT and several other international security conferences for various cybersecurity topics. He is the author and has been invited to speak at critical infrastructure protection conferences, including the "Analysis of the Protection of Energy Networks' Crucial Objects against Terrorism and Proposal of Security Standards" conference in Prague, Czech Republic, in January 2010. In 2016, he attended and was invited to speak at the EWI World Security Conference on protecting critical infrastructure and similar Department of State visitors program (FBI, Police, Justice, and Prosecution).

Pavol currently leads our audit and implementation services. Pavol is a professional with excellent communication skills and is proficient in three languages. He is a commensurate expert in surveillance, counter-surveillance, and methods of data protection. As a result, Pavol is able to provide regular instruction with regard to jurisdiction-specific law when applicable.

Jan Andrasko — Chief Engineer

Jan is the Co-founder and Chief Information Officer of Binary Confidence our technology partner. He is responsible for overseeing the use of information technology in our company, devising the company's IT strategy, and ensuring that all systems necessary to support its operations and objectives are in place.

As for our services, Jan heads the design and customization of the technological systems and platforms; he oversees the technological infrastructure to ensure optimal performance as well as directing and organizing IR-related projects.

Jan has a Master's degree in Information and Safety Control Systems at Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Department of Control and Information Systems.

Jessica Corzo — Partner

Jessica has been a partner since 1991 and plays a fundamental role in both administrative, as the chief financial officer and field operational aspects. Jessica has a strong financial background and takes the lead in investor portfolios.

Jessica has a background in firearms, explosives, offensive/defensive driving skills, and martial arts. Jessica led one of the executive protection details in Lima, Peru for a US ex-patriot and his family during the early post-Shining Path terrorist period. Jessica is an accomplished skilled personal protection agent whose track record speaks for itself.

Jessica is also an interpreter, speaking 4 languages, and is a valuable addition to the Global CC language base of English, Russian, and Slovak, with Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian.